Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal considers a promising way, in which the laser beam sends a bundle of power to colored hair roots which absorb that beams and stops its growth. As laser treat a large number of hairs in main time, then it will be useful in treat a wide range like back, arms, legs, it will be easy like the upper lip hair.

What are the benefits of laser hair remove?

Laser hair removal considers the effective way for long term, and save time and effort.

Who laser hair removal done?

Initial checkup : doctor explains the expected results of laser hair removal and available choices.

Start treatment : firstly the treatment area to be cleaned and shaved during treatment you will see light flashes on your skin during hair absorbing laser beam, this flash continues for a part of second.

There are some laser devices combine with cooler to decreases heat and prevents agitation.

How much time does it take during laser treatment?

Session time depends on treated area, the upper lip will take few minutes, otherwise the areas like back and legs will take one hour. As the laser effects only on the first hair growth, so there are a needing for many sessions. Session will be appointed after one month, so you will observe that hair less thickness and light in color.

Is there a pain?

You may find a little sting feeling differs between people.

What is expected after laser session?

Skin may be little red as after light sunbathe, you will be prescribed to use cream which mitigate skin, in little circumstances, skin may be peeled so avoid the direct sun light, but you can wash your skin with light soap with avoiding agitated cosmetics.


Laser hair removal is generally a safe procedure, it may cause side effects which includes whiten or darken treated area.

Those side effects are temporary to minimize it, follow doctor instructions.