Mesotherapy is an old medical treatment discovered in 1952 by French doctor, Michel Poster, which is non-pained small injection.

It's injected under the skin which contains different substances it may be plant extracts, dietary supplement, vitamins, enzymes, amino acid, or medicals, it considers on of modern treatment in health and beauty.

What are the uses of Mesotherapy?

It's a technique to reduce fats in special places in the body and treat hair fall, and scars, and improve the skin and little wrinkles, and restore face freshness.

Why the Mesotherapy spread?

If the patient took the Mesotherapy substance orally, the body will dispose the most of which, and will not arrive to the needed organ with the required dose. If the patient took the dose by Mesotherapy, it will help in concentrating required dose in specified spot without overdose.

How we can use Mesotherapy?

We can use Mesotherapy in two ways

Firstly : by manual injection, using small needle on specific places which considers a way to full control to inject treatment to required organ in little cost.

Secondly : by using special injection devices, which similar to gun. The small needle in the front of gun, those devices can be titrated to inject under the skin lonely, or in repeated injected doses. This technique provides effective results in few days with adding accuracy and precise factors in treatment.

Is Mesotherapy can be used with all people?

Mesotherapy can be used with all people and all ages, provided with take necessary precautions with heart disease or diabetes patient.

What are the complications of Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy technique should be provided by specialist doctor, who uses the drugs in correct doses and fit for any patient. No risky repercussions except some pains which can be finished by local anesthesia. In little cases, some bruises come in injection place which disappear in little days.