Rhinoplasty considers one of the most complicated surgery which requires especial surgery experience, little of doctors have that experience and high skill.

As well as required precise examine to know nose shape and skin kind to be in harmony with face countenance.

Surgery stages

The surgery requires high precise, as the nose is hollow, pyramidal organ. Consists of bones and cartilages and the doctor should modify its shape without effect on its functions.

Preparation starts with blood testing to be quite sure of the health of the patient, then the surgery goes under total anesthesia, with modern technology done through the nose, without leaving any surgery effects. In which thin suture is used to be dissolved after surgery, the surgery takes one hour, in which surgeon reorder, coheres and constructs the bones and cartilages of the nose.

How do you plan for the Rhinoplasty?

The good relation between you and the doctor is the first step to take decision for this surgery.

This step starts with visiting the doctor to explain your status and what's your desired shape, Doctor will ask you about the preferred shape, then doctor will examine to know the structure of your nose and then will discuss the expected results.

What is after surgery results?

After surgery you will find dressing on your nose, and you can leave to your home, nose dressing will continue for 5-7 days according your condition.

After dressing removal you will not find any pain and find the difference, but you should know that that is not the final result the nose will be improved continually after applying some treatments and creams and consulting the doctor.

After few days you can appear in your society without any effects indicate that there is a nose surgery, as our surgery characterizes with giving a natural shape and harmonized with face countenance.

You can say that you have the required nose shape after 6 months to one year of surgery as the nose will take its final shape after ride of the problem you faced before