Laser Mosaic

This technique tends to relief face skin by laser device out of traditional methods, which direct beams towards the skin and permeates inside the skin which clot the cells.

Wounds after that heal normally and collagen‏ will be created, then the skin will restore youthfulness.

The old laser technique uses in treat the wrinkles may cause some side effects, otherwise the mosaic laser is a revolutionary technique in this field, instead of beam absorbed by the skin, in this new technique laser beam divided in a way will be more effective and safer.

It's suitable for the following states:

  • White or black skin as this technique has no effect on melanin.
  • Suffer from acne on the face and shoulders
  • Thick skin and large pores
  • wrinkles around jaw and eye sides
  • Your skin becomes little wrinkles around the eyes and shoulders
  • Suitable for removing tint, brown spots, and freckles
  • Hair fall problems

How the session goes?

In the first consulting session, the doctor will examine skin status by finding objections then determines the needed number of sessions.

After removing makeup, apply Anesthesia cream on the needed areas, then apply oil to facilitate laser pin and put mask around the eyes.

The session starts with passing laser device end on the skin concentrating on the parts required intensive beam like wrinkles, large poser and visible colored spots.

Is it painful?

You will feel the acupuncture and little hot which can be durable, in the following session pain will be minimized. Some people will bear pain without needing to anesthesia.

Who I will appear after?

Skin will be changed to pinky or some little red according to skin kind and number of session taken. The skin may be swelled, and may be spotted which will disappear in the next day and status will be changed in few hours, and skin will restore its normal color.