Triactive Laser

Laser technique considers one of modern revolutionary method in weight lose and fat dissolve, a lot of women waste much of time and money in using creams and massage without results.

Health Care Clinic provides a new and distinguished method in the weight lose which is a modern Triactive device, in which we use laser technology in fat dissolve and change it to liquid, to be moved easily from cells and then to blood by the lymphatic system, then from blood to liver which change it to power or get it out of the body.

What are the device results?

In addition to using device in weight lose without surgery it has a lot of benefits which are:

  • restore the body harmony especially in the belly and back areas
  • activates the lymphatic system and increase the chance of ridding the water retention in the body
  • treats cellulites and have soft and radiant skin
  • lifting skin and end the flabbiness

What the device characteristics?

The Device is safe and not causing any heat or pain during treatment, Patient can perform daily activity after the session.

How the session goes?

Each session take around one and have hour for the full body, or 40 minutes for each area. Numbers of session rang are 8 to 15 according to the status, which will be two sessions weekly.

Of course, you are advised to follow regime prescribed by our nutrition specialist to have astonished and guaranteed results.